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Whale Rescue is a volunteer organisation, run by volunteers. There are lots of different ways that you can help us to continue rescuing whales and dolphins.

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Steve Whitehouse – Technical Advisor

Both the MMM course and the Rescue Pontoons have proven to be so successful that they are now used in 13 countries to help rescue whales and dolphins.  Steve has since further developed the MMM course to a more advanced level so that experienced personnel can also become trainers.  He has attended a vast number of mass and individual strandings and has continued to design innovative and successful techniques to this day.  Steve was an early member of the stranding response group, Project Jonah, and was instrumental in writing the first draft of the NZ Marine Mammals Protection Act.  Steve has been honoured by the Queen for his work with marine mammals and in 1996 was made an Honorary Paul Harris Fellow by Rotary International.  He was an honorary conservation officer for DoC until he left NZ in 2000 to move to Australia, where he now sits on a New South Wales Department of Environment and Climate Change advisory board, specifically to advise on marine mammal issues and operational procedures at stranding events.  Steve is currently contracted to train all NSW Parks and Wildlife officers in marine mammal rescue techniques and he is consulted on a regular basis by organisations from all over the globe for practical and logistical advice.  Steve currently works as a vessel traffic controller for Maritime Safety Queensland and is a qualified commercial skipper and PADI Dive Instructor.