Bryde Whale stranded

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$2 Bucket

Used for transporting water to the whales to keep them cool. Also used to give the whales a refreshing drink of water.

$10 Storage Box

Used to store Whale Rescue equipment to protect it from rodents and the elements.  Also used to store our equipment in the Whale Rescue Trailer.

$20 Shovel

Used to fill sacks (another of our Virtual Gifts).  Also used to dig out holes for the pectoral fins of the stranded cetaceans.  Additionally, used to dig trenches to help move cetaceans into deeper water and to dig holes for water collection to keep the whales cool.

$10 Sack

Filled with sand (using a shovel - another of our Virtual Gifts).  Used for proping whales and dolphins upright and to keep them positioned so they can regain their ballance.

$25 Fuel Vouchers

Donate towards one or multiple Fuel Vouchers.  Used for our volunteers to get to strandings (and return home).  Also used for boat fuel at strandings (including post-stranding follows) and entanglements as well as to respond to calls for cetaceans that may strand (so we can help prevent that occuring).

$50 Memory Cards

Used to document the strandings and rescues.  Individual animals are documented (photo-identification) as well as images that can be used in educational material (including this website).  Multiple cards are required to ensure that data does not have to deleted in the field (when mistakes are easily made).

$450 Dive Tank.

For filling Rescue Pontoons

$1,000 Lifting Mat

(used with Lifting Frame)

$3,000 Quick Response Helicopter Charter

$2,500 Lifting Frame

(used with lifting mat)

$6,500 Inflatable Rescue Pontoon Set

$5,000 Whale Disentanglement Kit